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Global Partnerships, Global Success

T-Systems cooperates with outstanding companies and institutions. Together with our partners, we provide top quality solutions to our customers.
As a leading ICT service provider, we know the crucial importance of optimal networks. That’s why T-Systems places so much value on national and international partnerships with business leaders.
A team is stronger than its individual members. Partnerships are important to T-Systems because they enable us to achieve common objectives more efficiently and productively through joint efforts. Not only to position ourselves better in the market, but most of all to improve our customers’ competitive edge.
Top / key partners for meeting the highest demands
T-Systems only forms partnerships with companies whose qualifications are beyond reproach. Our partnership criteria are every bit as demanding as the requirements our customers have for our solutions and services.

Global Strategic Partners

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To invite T-Systems South Africa to participate in any tenders or proposals requiring IT Services, please send your request to the following email address:
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