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T-Systems – a strong partner

T-Systems shapes the networked future of business and society and creates value for customers, employees and investors thanks to innovative ICT solutions.
T-Systems Headquarters in Frankfurt
Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. T-Systems provides integrated solutions for the networked future of business and society. The company's some 52,700 employees combine industry expertise and ICT innovations to add significant value to customers’ core business all over the world. T-Systems generated revenue of around EUR 10 billion in the 2012 financial year.

T-Systems in South Africa

T-Systems forms part of the Deutsche Telekom group of companies, which puts the company in a unique position to combine Information Technology and Telecommunications into replicable, cost effective solutions.
Internationally, T-Systems is one of Europe's leading providers of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and is responsible for serving major business accounts.
Since its inception in South Africa in 1997, T-Systems has cemented its position as one of the most successful companies in the group outside of Europe.
Our head office is located in Midrand, with a second major office in Cape Town, and a further 20 representative offices in locations throughout Southern Africa.
On 1 January 2010 T-Systems took over ex-parastatal arivia.kom, effectively doubling in size and increasing our workforce to 2500 employees. This acquisition also made T-Systems South Africa the largest ICT outsourcer in South Africa, as well as the biggest SAP partner in the country.
T-Systems is uniquely positioned to be able to guarantee its customers one single contact, irrespective of whether the services required are for IT or Telecommunications Technology. Our services cover the entire spectrum, from integrating new ICT solutions into existing customer systems and implementing and operating desktop systems, data centres and networks, all the way through to telecoms services and solutions for international carriers. T-Systems' services encompass all levels of the ICT value chain, from infrastructure and solutions, up to and including business process management.
T-Systems South Africa has experienced large expansion in its customer base during the last few years by not only renewing and growing its business within existing customers, but also adding new blue chip companies to its portfolio. The company has achieved several International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, and is aligned with Enterprise Risk Management standards such as ISO 31001, COSO and ISO 22301.
As a multi-national company operating in South Africa, T-Systems South Africa has both the privilege and the responsibility to contribute to the development of our country. T-Systems South Africa subscribes to the Codes of Good Practice on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), gazetted on 9 February 2007 and achieved a Level 2 Value Added BBBEE rating for the period of February 2014 to February 2015.
The company’s current structure focuses strongly on inclusive, accelerated transformation to enable nation building, and as such has been compartmentalised into two distinct broad-based participants: an employee share appreciation scheme and a community trust. The employee share appreciation scheme takes the form of an ESOP reserving a stake of 10% participation by black males and a further 10% by black females employed by the local entity. The allotted shareholding to the community trust is 10%. This equates to 30% broad based ownership participation, aligned to the intent of promoting ethical corporate practices to preserve the company’s triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

T-Systems is fully committed to South Africa’s national priorities, going beyond compliance to become a leader in transformation and deliver ICT that works for South Africa. The company has over a decade of strong history in creating ICT skills in the communities within which it operates, both in the form of accredited programmes and community participation. Initiatives include the ICT Academy and the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre as well as two successfully funded and managed community skills programmes.
As part of a global effort to further gender equality, T-Systems is also part of the 30% Club, an international group publicly committed to achieving and sustaining at least 30% women on boards of directors. This takes T-Systems South Africa a step closer to complying with the Women Empowerment & Gender Equality Act (WEGE) that calls for 50% gender diversity on all decision-making structures in South Africa,.
As a Level 2 Contributor, the BBBEE procurement recognition is 125% for companies that buy services from T-Systems. T-Systems is also recognised as a Value Adding Enterprise and customers can therefore count 156% of their total spend with T-Systems towards the Preferential Procurement BBBEE score of their own organisation.
Testament to the success of our transformation strategy across the board, T-Systems in South Africa has received multiple accolades at the 2014 Gender Mainstreaming Awards celebration. The awards aim to give public recognition to organisations for illustrating good practice and for achieving excellence in addressing various gender mainstreaming concerns.
T-Systems was announced the winner of the Women on Boards, Investing in Young Women and Gender and Poverty Alleviation categories. We received a second place award in the Empowerment Initiatives category. T-Systems was also awarded the 2014 Gender Mainstreaming Champion Award. This highlights the company’s success at embracing diversity and championing gender equality as part of its dedication to inclusive and sustainable transformation.
To keep up with a dynamic and ever-changing technology environment, T-Systems continue to realign its business to new strategies, both globally and in South Africa. T-Systems’ innovative technologies and solutions across the Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Smart Energy enable our customers to achieve success in a competitive environment. This is what we call Zero Distance.
New technologies such as Cloud Services, Dynamic Services Infrastructure and Dynamic Workplace offerings will help our customers to predict new trends and respond to market dynamics for on-going relevance in the market. Through the -acquisition of Intervate, T-Systems can also deliver innovative new solutions across SharePoint and mobile applications. The Innovation Factory at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria allows us to provide hands-on, visual demonstrations of our innovation capabilities.
T-Systems South Africa is also the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in the IT industry for exhibiting best practices for IT services, including cloud computing, managed services and SAP solutions. T-Systems has been able to establish a reputation as an innovative provider of ICT services by leveraging the expertise and competitive intelligence of the T-Systems team in Germany in order to provide leading edge solutions, particularly in the SAP market.
With T-Systems South Africa as your ICT partner, you will be able to improve your business competitiveness while optimising processes and costs, allowing you the flexibility to focus on your core business activities.

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